Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chikankata College of Biomedical Sciences (CCBS)

Chikankata College of Biomedical Sciences (CCBS) was officially established on 5th October 2007. However, the college has been operating since February 2007 and the foundation stone for the new campus was laid on 22nd February 2008. In the short-term the college benefits our own hospital because as the students learn they support our own laboratory services. However, it also helps a number of institutions across the country, especially the Mission Hospitals which are responsible for over 50% of formal health services in the rural areas of Zambia and about 30% of health care in the country as a whole.

The College is now fully affiliated to the University of Zambia (UNZA) School of Medicine and the Department of Medical Education Development (DMED). Recently it also has its official registration from the Ministry of Health, Government of Zambia from whom it received heavy fundings even prior to official registration.

This year on 8th February 2010, University of Zambia (UNZA) School of Medicine Examination Council of Health Sciences and the Department of Medical Education Development (DMED) published the final examination results of the first batch of our students. Out of 27 we have 25 successful candidates (93% passed) and among them 8 students with distinction. Being one of the part time lecturers who spend 4 hours per week with these students, I feel very much a part of this grand success. I teach Cell Biology & Human Genetics.

The college is in the process of developing its own library. Books are a scarcity here in Zambia and those available are relatively expensive. But the college management is much aware of the necessity of having a good library to produce good results. This photo shows a section of the newly built library. It is well ventilated, spacious with adequate amount of natural light.

Miss Nancy Cheepa who is the Administrative Secretary of the college is busy on her desk. She deals with all administrative matters including those related to students' admissions, academics, and other vocational activities.

Here is Mr Bosswell Mboozi, one of the lecturers of the college. He is such an important personality in that he has been the main link between Chikankata Mission and charity organisations, universities abroad, and influential individuals outside Zambia. He founded The Christian Resource Centre at Chikankata (see and up to now he is the Director of the centre. Beside its other areas of services to the community, the centre has one of the most well stocked libraries in Zambia. His contribution in terms of provision of knowledge to students and faculties of our various institutions has been commendable. He is a trusted friend of mine too!

The college Landcruiser received from the Government of Zambia Ministry of Health. The new college campus is some hundreds metres away from the main residential area of Chikankata. Hence, the vehicle is very useful for easy conveyance of the college staff.


hmingtea said...

In teritory leh zambia sorkhar khan inthlunzawmna thuk tak in nei tihna em ni?

Zairemthiama Pachuau said...

@hmingtea: Nei a ni mai ang chu. Zambia ram hi Kristian ram a nih angin kohhrante hian ram inkaihhruaina thilah pawh ram hruaitute a tha zawngin an 'influence' nasa. Hriselna lam thilah phei chuan kohhran chaknaah sorkar hi a innghat lo thei lo a ni. Entir nan: Zambia ramah hian doctor zirna Medical School pakhat chiah an nei a, kum khatah mi 50-in an zir thei. Chuvangin tuna Zambia rama doctor thawk zingah hian anmahni Zambian doctor aiin Foreign doctor kan tam fe zawk a ni, heng ram dang doctor te hi keini anga kohhran tirh kan ni tlangpui bawk.

burgerstud2005 said...

Zambia ah khan mingo ho ram chhuh luih a awm ve tho em..Zimbabwe ang khan. Zimbabwe poh Kristian ram tho a ni a, ram an chhuh lui nasa a, Zambia kha enge a dinhmun?

Zairemthiama Pachuau said...

Zambia hi a thenawm Africa ram dangte ang lo takin khawvela ram ralmuang ber pawl a ni ang ka ti thin. Retheihna pawh hi, hetianga remna leh muanna an neih chhunzawm zel theih chuan, umbo a la ni ngei ang tih ka ring.

Zambia hian Mingo ram an chhuhsak lo chauh ni loin Zimbabwe atanga Mingo raltlante a lo chhawmdawl zawk a. Mingo raltlan tam takin Zambia ramah hian farm siamin an inbengbel zawk a ni.

Zambia ramah hian tribe hrang, tawng hrang hmang chi 72 an awm nachungin an inngeih dial dial thung. English hi common language-ah an hmang hlauh.